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When the next competition Bitcoin Bull is, all you need to know.

Everyone says that everyone must be right, but their requirements are based on information and this information is incorrect. His decision is based on his spiritual judgment, his judgment is wrong and his decision does not have to be based on the perspective, it is an perspective. 

When Bitcoin fell to 6k earlier this year and then returned to 8k, many people who had seen the worst, but it was time to turn speculators in principle. Since then, he has struggled to be over 9k and when he wrote, he has returned to 6k. Bitcoin is now 7k with $ 1. 5 billion market value, compared to a maximum of more than $ 2 billion a year ago. 

Since traders and speculators are buying at $ 12K or more it seems unfair that they are basically performed at the same time. 

I believe the mysterious representative is part of the future, but the development and total agreement will be slow and slower than many at the beginning of thought. Of course, all this comes in stages, so do not be silly, we are already seeing reality. If you want to enter the upper part of the Bitcoin Spread ($ 12K - $ 20K), you must point to long-term investment at least $ 10. 000, if not more. 

This is not the first minimum market in Cryptomocurrencia, it has been previously displayed markets, but with quiet and quiet that follows the bears market, I decided to see what is happening and what we haven't been paying attention. The price of Bitcoin has fallen approximately 1. 2% and the development of the market is in the opposite direction to what has occurred in previous listed markets. 

It was at great time, then began the accident, and now it has fallen by 1. 2%, according to coinmarketcap. 

The mountain problem of the GOX was rumored at first, but in weeks and months they followed, it was excess of the abyss. The price of Bitcoin fell under $ 600, then back to $ 500 and then temporarily maximum $ 1 000. 

When it was up to $ 110, but when you think that when it became $ 1. 200 at $ 110, it is now worth less than $ 100. 

It is fall 70%, but it is more than 90% of the decline and it is a sign of how bad it will be 2018. 

I'm not saying we should be grateful that things aren't worse than I just give some kind of perspective. 

Bitcoin took up speed in 2016 and landed at the peak of all time in March 2017. The largest increase came in 2015, but Bitcoin has been recovered since 2016. 

Of course, the price rose to $ 750 for four years, but it was not convincing above that price. Those who bought the top in November 2013 had to wait until March 2017 to have fun. Combining events November 2013 and March 2017 with what experiences the market in 2018 and gets the classic views of the Bears market. 

If it took about 40 months to reach the historic peak of the previous market, it will take about 30 months for the market to forget everything and go back to what we are all happy. What is certain that the tensioners will not end up so quickly, but the foundations are the same. The market is much more stable than it was 4 to 5 years and is much closer to the long-term goal of $ 1 000 but $ 2. 500. 

Personally, I have January 2019 in my important places, but it can take more and minimized should not last for 20 months. I see Bitcoin at $ 20k and I see the police take full control, so personally, I would not see it overcoming $ 2. 000 before the end of the year.